Nutrition and Food Safety

Community Nutrition Education: Improving the Health and Well-Being for Limited-Resource Audiences Across West Tennessee Obesity, poor nutrition, and limited physical activity are major health concerns. Unfortunately, this has serious implications for the future health of Tennesseans. Obese adults are likely to develop one or more chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and other diseases. Obese children will likely become obese adults and many of these chronic diseases are already being diagnosed in children. Extension’s nutrition education programs are aimed at helping youth and families adopt health lifestyle behaviors. Lessons focus on nutritious meals, physical activity, food budgeting, food safety and much more.

Youth Programs

Power U

It is a fun and innovative curriculum to teach fourth and fifth graders to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Tasty Days

Promotes fruit and vegetable tastings for elementary school-age children and empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices, including increased intake of fruits and vegetables and being more physically active.

Adventures in the Kitchen

This is an interactive program that teaches cooking skills, kitchen safety​, and nutrition and promotes physical activity.

Teen Cuisine

It is designed to teach youth from grades 6 to 12 important life and cooking skills to promote health for their present and future.

Adult Programs

Dining with Diabetes

Dining with Diabetes is a program designed for people with diabetes. The four-class series includes learning how to manage diabetes, food demonstrations, and tasting healthy familiar foods.

Cooking Matters for Adults

It is a Share Our Strengths program consisting of six two-hour interactive hands-on training to promote behavior change. Cooking Matters focuses on building cooking and food preparation skills as well as teaching nutrition, food safety and food resource management. 

Faithful Families

It is a nutrition curriculum designed specifically for faith-based communities, such as churches, temples, or mosques to promote healthy eating, food resource management, and physical activity. In addition, the lessons include guides to promote a healthy environment in the faith-based community.​​​

Walk Across Tennessee

Walk Across Tennessee is a walking program for all ages that encourages people to get up and get moving no matter their age or weight. A team, made up of eight to 10 members, commits to record their fitness activities for six weeks. Miles are reported weekly to the team’s captain.  

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

 A six-week evidence-based group education program that teaches people practical skills they need to live well with a variety of health conditions. Through weekly sessions, the workshop provides support for continuing normal daily activities and dealing with emotions that arise from having a chronic condition.