Community Health

There is no substitute for good health. But achieving and maintaining your and your family’s health is a challenge in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Our busy schedules offer little time for regular exercise, or the rest and relaxation we know we need for our health. As we age, it becomes more difficult to manage our multiple health issues. Environmental contaminants threaten the safety of our homes and communities. We need quick and simple exercise routines, the skills and knowledge to navigate our health care system and manage our health issues, and accurate information to address the safety of our environment.

Adult Programs

Living Well With Chronic Conditions

It is a 6 weeks workshop that teaches people practical skills to help them manage health chronic health conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain, and heart disease.

Take Charge of Your Diabetes

A six-week evidence-based program that helps individuals take day-to-day responsibility for their diabetes care. Participants gain skills necessary to self-manage their diabetes and work effectively with their healthcare professionals.

Be MedWise

This program is designed to promote the safe, appropriate and effective use of both prescription and over-the-counter medications. These lessons address the safe use of medications for all age groups, from youth to seniors, and contain a wealth of media including a printable Med Minder Card for listing current medications and a Medication Safety Toolkit for Families.

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

This program focuses on protecting Tennessee’s Children from lead poisoning by encouraging testing in all children up to six years old, and increasing public awareness of the possibilities and the dangers of lead in our environment.

A Matter of Balance

It is an eight-session community class specifically designed to reduce the fear of falling, stop the fear of falling cycle, and improve activity levels among community-dwelling older adults.

The Childhood Lead Poising Prevention Program

It teaches adults and children how to identify poisons, how to avoid becoming victims of poisoning, and how to respond in a poisoning emergency. An important part of this program is educating the public about the Tennessee Poison Help Hotline and distributing magnets and stickers so that the hotline number is readily accessible in an emergency.

Youth Program

Health Works!

It is a health curriculum for youth in grades 5-12 that teaches them the skills they need to develop a healthy lifestyle. These lessons help to develop skills in decision-making, self-assessment, communication, advocacy & self-care and addresses topics such as body image, physical fitness, tobacco use, peer pressure, snacking, sports and consumer health.

Medicines in My Home

It is a youth component of the Be MedWise Tennessee Partnership, this interactive program is for 6th graders or older. It contains information for parents, teachers and for youngsters themselves about the safe and effective use of over-the –counter medications.